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Strasburg, Virginia
Residence of C.L. Kneisley, Strasburg, VA A Bay Barn

The Nash Building
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Video of Presentation of "The Ketchup Program": given October 27, 2019. Click to View

Video of Presentation of the Bridges of Cedar Creek and The Valley Pike: given by Dan Downey: September 16, 2018. Click to View

Video Presentation of: The Dosh House, Strasburg, VA by Nick Racey, June 3, 2018 Click to View

Video of Presentation on the Henkel Press and Henkle Family History: given by A. Nicholas Powers, the Curator of the Shenandoah Valley Museum at the June 4, 2016 Strasburg Heritage Quarterly Meeting. Click to View

Video Presentation: Strasburg & The Post Civil War Era 1865 & Beyond by Richard Kleese, February 16, 2016, Click to View - Runs Approx 1 hour

Vidoe of Judge Steve Platt's presentation on the History of the Silk Mill and his family in Strasburg.
August 28, 2021 at the Strasurg Emporium (former site of the Silk Mill)
Click to View

Video of Pastor Bill Hall's presentation of the History of St. Paul's Lutheran Church from the book by Pastor Hall and Gloria Stickley. February 16, 2020. Click to View

Video of Presentation of "Historic Barns of Shenandoah County": given by John Adamson:
March 6, 2019 Click to View
Historic Barn Locations
Here is the link to the Map of Historic Barns in Shenandoah County

Video of Vice-Mayor Scott Terndrup's July 4th, 2019 Independence Declaration in the Strasburg Square. Click to View

Video of Presentation of "Two Eras Both Gone: Archeology in Shenandoah County in 1960's: given by Mike Kehoe: February 17, 2019. Click to View