Strasburg Heritage Association

Strasburg, Virginia

Strasburg Nash

144 Front Royal Rd., Strasburg, VA

Strasburg Nash is back! Thanks to Ricci (James R.) and Erica Troxell, an old family love affair with Nash auto-mobiles has been resurrected at the corner of Jackson and E. King Streets.

Around 1934, Ricci's grandfather, James S. Troxell, opened Shenandoah Wrecking Company at this location and operated it through the 1940s. In the early '50s he took down the old building, replaced it with the current edifice, and opened Strasburg Nash.

When the auto company changed its name, Troxell's business became known as Strasburg Rambler Dealership. Success was undeniable, for records from 1954 show the dealership sold 200 new and used cars - this in a town of less than a thousand people and five other car dealerships. Strasburg Rambler, Troxell and Son Body Shop was born in 1962, when Ricci's father, James (Jimmy) E. Troxell joined the company and the building was expanded to accommodate it.

Today, after extensive restoration by Ricci and Erica, the showroom floor gleams with black and silver metallic tiles bordered in red, and houses a collection of restored vintage cars including a 1940 Nash Lafayette, a 1951 Nash Airflight, a 1954 Metropolitan, a 1970 Mark Donahue Javelin and Ricci's high school love, a 1970 AMC Rebel Machine. The '54 Metropolitan was James S. Troxell's drive when he passed away in 1970.

The Troxells kept immaculate records and preserved them for posterity. Old ledgers, receipts and brochures occupy the original desk in the office. The adding ma-chine, a Rambler/Hudson/Nash wall clock, and electric fan have been returned to their rightful places, and two glass Lance jars containing crackers and candy sit on the customer counter as they did so many years ago.

In fitting tribute to family and a beloved automobile, the Troxell family reunion was held this year at the new Strasburg Nash. For the first time in 60 years all seven living members of James S. Troxell's eight children were in attendance.