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Strasburg, Virginia

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A Bay Barn

Video of Presentation of "The Ketchup Program": given October 27, 2019. Click to View

Video of Pastor Bill Hall's presentation of the History of St. Paul's Lutheran Church from the book by Pastor Hall and Gloria Stickley. February 16, 2020. Click to View

  • The Nash Building
    Rebuilding Article...
    A History - Read Here...

  • Video of Presentation of "Two Eras Both Gone: Archeology in Shenandoah County in 1960's: given by Mike Kehoe: February 17, 2019. Click to View

    Video of Vice-Mayor Scott Terndrup's July 4th Independence Declaration in the Strasburg Square. Click to View

    Video of Presentation of "Historic Barns of Shenandoah County": given by John Adamson:
    March 6, 2019 Click to View

    Historic Barn Locations
    Here is the link to the Map of Historic Barns in Shenandoah County

    We want to say, "Congratulations" to the Strasburg High School graduating class of 2020. You will go down in history as a unique class due to how you had to adjust the final months of your school due to the pandemic. We want to congratulate our scholarship winners as well. We ended up selecting two winners this year and we appreciate all those that submitted applications. We were very impressed with the candidates. Our two $500 scholarship winners are Corey Keller and Kari Reeder

    Mary Redmon created a logo (see above) for our organization that we can now use for mailings and other correspondence. Thanks, Mary for volunteering your time and talent to do this.

    We will not have a June program. We hope to have a September program on the Queen Street and Sunset Hill Schools. We will make a definite decision once we get closer to the time of the program.

    Be looking for our June newsletter. Kathy always writes great stories about our local history and culture, so we know it will be a welcomed read for all of our members.

    Speaking of membership, you can access the application on this site in order to become a member. Once a member you will receive our newsletter. For those that have not yet renewed for this year, we are accepting renewal dues as well.

    On behalf of the SHA Board and our entire membership, we want to wish everyone good health and blessings.

    Tim Taylor - SHA President