Strasburg Heritage Association

Strasburg, Virginia

Spengler Hall (1820)
Laura & Sean Cadden
31501 Old Valley Pike

This early 19th Century Federal style home has been the center of gracious living and regional hospitality for over 200 years. Built in the years 1812 to 1820, Spengler Hall is situated overlooking the former Old Valley Pike on what was once known as Matin Hill. The bricks for the 12-room home were hand made and fired on site, and the timber was cut from the property. As was the case throughout the Valley, Spengler Hall was occupied by Union and Confederate armies beginning with General Alpheus Williams of the Michigan unit of the Union Army, whose chair was left behind, to Jubal Early who pitched his command tent on the lawn in 1864. Spengler Hall has been occupied by descendants of Capt. Anthony Spengler and his wife, the former Catherine Kendrick of Strasburg, and 3 of their 12 children to this day. In 1946 the home was transferred to George and Maria Hinkins. Mr. Hinkins was a descendent of Anthony Spengler. Virginia Cadden was their daughter and upon her death in 2021, it transferred to her son, Sean and his wife Laura Cadden. The historical and architectural integrity of the home and grounds have been maintained with few changes other than modernizations, throughout its history. Sean and Laura Cadden continue the traditions of Virginia Cadden, who so well understood that Spengler Hall very much belongs to the history of Strasburg as well as to the family. Prior to the building of the Strasburg Presbyterian Church in 1824, services were held at Spengler Hall. The land upon which the church was built was donated by Captain Spengler, and the Caddens hosted the 175th anniversary of the church at their home in 1999. Many parties and celebrations are given in the home and its stunning grounds. A wonderful record of New Year parties is a collection of Champagne bottles dating from the 1920's through 2007. Each bottle contains a list of the guests in attendance for that year. The bottles sit on the mantel over the cooking fireplace of the original kitchen, which now serves as a gathering place and holds many artifacts from the home's history. Eleven fireplaces grace the rooms of Spengler Hall with varying degrees of ornate woodwork on the mantels and surrounds, most prominent being the sunburst design of the informal parlor fireplace. Virginia and Dr.John Cadden were married in front of the fireplace in the formal parlor. Entering through the wide central hall the formal parlor lies to the left and a family room of the same proportions is to the right. Laura's antique piano still leaves plenty of space as you pass through the hall to the staircase that leads to the second floor. Behind the parlor is a spacious dining room which features a lovely crystal chandelier and fireplace. The original variable width, heart of pine flooring can be found in the front parlors, but has been replaced with hardwood in the dining room. None of the original furnishings of Spengler Hall survive, but the house is decorated with Federal, Empire and Victorian pieces collected by Virginia Cadden's mother. General Williams' chair which along with a Union Calvary sword found on the property, have been on loan to the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, but will be on display as well as many examples of Virginia Cadden's Strasburg Pot collection. Only the ground floor will be open to the public.