Strasburg Heritage Association

Strasburg, Virginia

The Ketchup Program - The Winning Recipes

Janet Fish and Donna Hupp using Gretta Rinker's recipe, tied for first and second place; Jane Eye Richard third place.

Janet Fish had her first job at the Virginia Restaurant in 1952 when she was in high school. She remembers watching them make the ketchup and what some of the ingredients were. In later years Janet got the recipe from the woman who babysat her children and who had worked at the restaurant. She now makes a batch every few months for her family and friends to enjoy who all believe hers to be the true taste they remember. See Janet's Recipe

Donna Hupp was looking for a recipe to make for her husband Dennis' high school reunion. Judy Rinker had a second recipe that she doesn't use that had come from her mother-in-law Gretta Rinker, who had worked at the Virginia Restaurant.
Judy gave that recipe to Donna who entered a jar for the ketchup contest.
See Gretta Rinker's Recipe

Jane Eye Richard, a big fan of the Virginia Restaurant ketchup, has been making her recipe for years. Her family and friends tell her this is the real recipe and it tastes like what they remember. See Jane's Recipe