Strasburg Heritage Association

Strasburg, Virginia

Home of Anna Owen

184 South Massanutten Street 1895

Built in 1895 by James Stover, this lovely Victorian home has possibly welcomed more visitors than any other house in Strasburg over the 124 years of its existence. The many patients of Dr. James Marshall and Dr. James Winkfield, the weekly card games and weekend parties hosted by Anna Belle and James over the many years they occupied the home, and the 27 years of C.J. and Noel Borden's occupancy have kept the house hopping with activity.

Recently purchased by Anna Owen, we are thrilled to open the house and its many stories to the public. Jay Winkfield, son of James and Anna Belle, has painted a vivid picture of the comings and goings in the house, from midnight medical emergencies to his bartending days at his parent's entertainments.

Entering through a small vestibule, the large entry hall is dominated by a beautiful and unusual staircase rising along the right-hand wall beneath a Middle Eastern style archway. Unique paneling of a similar style encloses the assent of the stairs. Ten-foot ceilings and a chandelier give a touch of grandeur to the space. Jay Winkfield remembers this was used as the waiting room for his father's practice. At the end of the entry hall on the right is a den with access onto the side porch. This room had been the Winkfield's living room.

The first room off the hall on the left is the parlor, but had once been Dr. Winkfield's office. Three large bay windows looking out onto Massanutten St. and tall windows to the south fill this room with light. Oak pocket doors lead to an enormous dining room behind which features a beautifully tiled fireplace and the owners Venetian glass chandelier positioned over a period dining table. Behind is a large, remodeled kitchen with its own brick fireplace and a spacious, porch/sitting room which once entertained guests for summer cookouts and bridge parties.

A large landing/sitting room at the top of the stairs leads to an airy front bedroom with original pine floors, behind which lies a guest bedroom and the master bedroom featuring built-in closets and cabinets and a master bath. Another full bath and small bedroom are at the end of the hall off the landing.

This home will bring back many memories for alI who passed through its doors in sickness and in health.