Strasburg Heritage Association

Strasburg, Virginia

Home of Alice Mullerweiss & Kevin Watson

Hopewell House Bike & Bed 117 High St. Circa 1904-1905

Previously shown in the 2013 Strasburg Holiday Heritage Homes Tour, this property is now the Hopewell House Bike & Bed business of Alice Mullerweiss and Kevin Watson. Purchased by the couple in 2011, the home was previously owned by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Borden who made extensive renovations and additions.

Built in 1904-1905, presumably by J.B. and Ellen Mclnturff, it was bought in 1915 by Dr. Harry T. Hopewell and his wife, Rose Lee Mclnturff. Subsequently the building served as the doctor's office and family residence of Dr. Harry Hopewell and then his son, Dr. Edward L Hopewell. As a result, there are two side-by-side entrance doors on High St. - one for Dr. Hopewell's office (left-hand door), and one for the living quarters (right-hand door). Both are accessed through a generous porch which has been completely renovated by the current owners with 105' of custom hand-turned spindles and rails of mahogany.

Hopewell House Bike and Bed now occupies the original living and dining rooms, the sun room, porches and patio as well as Dr. Hopewell's former office and bath. The owners' residence includes the enlarged family room and kitchen on the ground floor and a portion of the west side two story addition. Three guest rooms upstairs are labeled by hand painted plaques for each room: Room #1-Shenandoah Century, Room #2-Shenandoah Metric, and #3-Shenanduah Rambler. Avid cyclists, Alice and Kevin have named these rooms for various kinds of cycling events.