Strasburg Heritage Association

Strasburg, Virginia

Plitt House

Home of Barbara Plitt 301 W. King St., Strasburg, VA
Circa 18th Century

As of this writing, records show this house existed as far back as 1866, but the original, log two-story footprint of the home is thought to date back to the 18th century and consisted of one room down and one room up with an adjoining staircase. At a later date a two-story addition was added to the east side of the building followed by a one-story kitchen and dining room addition at the rear of the home.

The Plitt home sits high above W. King St. and borders the steep incline of Sharpe St. to the east, so that the stone foundation walls of the basement sit above street level at the front and recede into the hill at the back. A stone chimney up the west side of the house extends into the basement and indicates that the original kitchen fireplace resided there. A Victorian era porch crosses the front of the house above the basement foundation and now provides a colorful, inviting facade including the brightly painted, oversized house numbers attached to the porch balustrade.

The home is accessed from King St. through a hand-crafted wrought-iron gate in the stone wall in front of the house at street level. The gate, designed by Barbara and made by blacksmith Eric Zieg of Mt. Hebron, depicts a tree and lightening bolts representing Plitt's parent's former tree farm and the German origins of the Plitt name (Blitz), meaning lightening. A labyrinth made from antique recycled bricks from Winchester adorns the side yard inside the gate.

The front door of the home enters into what is now used as a dining room. The previous dining room at the rear has been converted into the master bedroom and a full bath in the hallway is tucked into a former closet. To the right of the dining area the 18th century part of the structure is entered by a step up through a doorway. Here, the ceiling has been raised by exposing the joists and floorboards of the room above. Original logs are exposed on the west wall and up the corner staircase to the second floor. A large corner cupboard and television nook was built by Chris Fry of Strasburg, as was the kitchen behind the living room, and the first and second floor bathrooms.

The second floor consists of a hallway leading to a full bath and a large guest bedroom with exposed logs on one wall, and a small office/ guest room.

The decor throughout the house attests to Barbara's often whimsical creativity and love of unique finds, which are interspersed with family heirlooms and memorabilia such as a small shadowbox filled with her grandfather's childhood curls and shelving and pieces of furniture and fine wooden bowls made by her father. Lamps are covered by Barbara's handmade shades; a shelf and other ammenities in the upstairs bathroom are made of plumbing pipes, while an old mantel is used as the headboard in the master bedroom.

We know you will enjoy this unique and enchanting home.