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Hanging Out at Virginia Restaurant Hotel Strasburg

Video of Presentation of the Bridges of Cedar Creek and The Valley Pike: given by Dan Downey: September 16, 2018. Click to View

Video Presentation of: The Dosh House, Strasburg, VA by Nick Racey, June 3, 2018 Click to View

Video of Presentation on the Henkel Press and Henkle Family History: given by A. Nicholas Powers, the Curator of the Shenandoah Valley Museum at the June 4, 2016 Strasburg Heritage Quarterly Meeting. Click to View

Video Presentation: Strasburg & The Post Civil War Era 1865 & Beyond by Richard Kleese, February 16, 2016, Click to View - Runs Approx 1 hour

Historic Barn Locations
Here is the link to the Map of Historic Barns in Shenandoah County

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Historic Building Plaque Program


  • Next Program Meeting
    February 17, 2019, 2:00-4:00PM
    Two Eras, Both Gone: Archeology in Shenandoah County in the 1960s - Presenter: Mike Kehoe
    Location: St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Strasburg, VA
    Program Description: Mike will present a slide show and interpretation of archaeology projects found in an old scrap book that was kept in the 1960s & 70s by the Northern Shenandoah Chapter of the Archaeology Society of Va. The chapter had its roots in Strasburg beginning in 1963. Mike became involved in the chapter as a teenager in 1964. He is currently the President but now chapter members meet in Stephens City.

    The Old chapter consisted of many members from the Strasburg community and from Shenandoah, Warren, Frederick counties and elsewhere. It was a very active organization. The scrap book consists of newspaper and other articles of the many sites, primarily prehistoric in nature, that were excavated. Mike will use the pictures and articles from the scrap book to narrate about several local sites of interest. One being the Bowman site in 1964 on Cedar Creek near Fort Bowman which was the very first project that the chapter was involved in.

    Mike will stress the difference between archaeology then and now and why the excavations from those days are no longer allowed unless the site is threatened.